Gabe MG

NYC Mixing Engineer

To me, being a mixing engineer is an art form.

It’s the art of tapping into the raw emotion and energy inherent in a production, whether it’s the dirt and rawness of garage and punk rock, the dreamy landscapes of the underground, or the club excitement of modern hip-hop and R&B.

I look at what is given to me, and I amplify that. You should never be fighting with the track.
— Gabe MG

Technically trained and artistically talented, Gabe MG combines creative passion with knowledge gained from years of experience. Born in New Haven, CT, Gabe grew up playing both guitar and saxophone while listening to hundreds of classic records.

Moving to NYC at age 18, he attended SAE Institute NYC, one of the most developed audio schools on the east coast. After finishing, he took an internship and began working as a runner where he quickly worked his way up the ladder.

His collaborative and creative approach allow him to work day to day on multiple genres and styles, driven by a passion for music and mixing. In just a short time, he has gotten his name on thousands of songs and received three platinum records. He is currently one of the most in-demand mixing engineers in NYC.

Gabe MG | NYC Mixing Engineer | 42 Broadway New York NY 10004 | | (212) 625-3467